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Welcome to Fireplace Love where showing your fireplace a little love not only pays, but also adds  beauty and comfort to your fireplace room.
The bottom line is that if you have a fireplace, you are already paying for a fireplace cover!  The difference? Your utility company is pocketing
the savings that you could be realizing if you had a fireplace cover. We are convinced that once you have the facts that you will be ready to enjoy all the benefits that one of our custom made fireplace covers will bring to your fireplace room. 



What is a fireplace might ask?


Not unlike a door or window, fireplaces are one of the most inefficient sources in the home. In order to prevent the loss of the HEATING and/or AIR-CONDITIONING, that you pay in utility cost for maintaining your winter or summer comfort levels within your home. By weather stripping and/or covering the fireplace, several benefits are achieved including improved comfort, energy conservation, reduced energy costs, reduced noise, and improved indoor air quality.

Fireplace Love was started primarily due to the soaring cost of energy, in conjunction with homeowners frantically looking for ways to save money lost to fireplace displacement, while simultaneously maintaining the decor of your home.

Most homeowners don’t realize that their dollars are readily escaping through one of the biggest holes in their home – their fireplace!

In a 1990 study designed to measure the leakage area of fireplace with and without the damper closed, Energy Options Northwest had this impressive finding; the effective leakage area (ELA) of the fireplace dampers averaged about 30 square inches when closed. As a frame of reference, the total ELA of typical houses built to moderately tight standards is between 70 and 120 square inches.

These results demonstrate that by weather stripping and/or covering the fireplace, the total effective leakage area (ELA) of the house can be reduced by 25 – 43%.

Here’s the math according to the facts:

If you are losing 30% (click here to find the average cost in your state) of either heating or cooling cost due either heat escaping up your chimney or heat and humidity come down your chimney in the summer months. The following calculations demonstrate how much of your hard earned money is escaping from your fireplace.

Using my state i.e. Indiana, the average cost is: 

$114.04 x 30% =$34.21 that is evaporating up my beautiful fireplace every month! If i multiply that times 12, that is $410.52 that is being sucked out of both my home and pocket every year! Now, just for fun, let’s multiply that times 5 years…that is a whopping $2,052.60 that you could save by just showing your fireplace a little love with a custom made fireplace cover by “Fireplace Love”. 

Although there are several ways to prevent your home, as well as, your wealth from being sucked up your chimney such as a plastic sheet, installation board, or with a little more discretion…an inflatable balloon. For the person of distinction, nothing on the market today, can SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY BEAUTIFYING YOUR HOME, LIKE A CUSTOM MADE FIREPLACE COVER FROM, THE ONE AND ONLY – FIREPLACE LOVE!



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Hi my name is Norma and I am the proud owner of "Fireplace Love." I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We have worked very hard to make this site both informative, as well as, user friendly. I also want you to know that if we have fallen short, in anyway, in providing you the information about the features and benefits of our custom made fireplace covers, feel free to give my shop manager (Charles) a call at 317-418-8222 and please don't feel any hesitation to make that call - Charles is my husband :). Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the statements that my prior customers are saying about their fireplace covers. To access some more or our testimonials, click on the following link, it will take you to one of our third party online partners know as "Houzz" there system only allows the customer to post their testimonials. Again my sincere thanks and we look forward to helping you show your fireplace a little love by helping you solve your fireplace woes with a custom made fireplace cover brought to you by "Fireplace Love."'s that link:

Norma Bowlds

My wife and I had just recently purchased our home and the main feature in our living room was our fireplace. As much as we loved our new home, as well as our fireplace, we did notice the difference in our living room temperature due to our fireplace. We heard about fireplace love and visited their website. We were impressed due to the fact that we did not know about all the benefits that this, until now, unheard solution could provide. We just love our fireplace cover. We get plenty of compliments, it has solved the temperature problem and its safe for our grandchild. I highly recommend fireplace love as the solution to your fireplace concerns!

I searched relentlessly to find the right solution to my fireplace concerns…in magazines, specialty shops, and of course on the internet. I wish that I could say that I found many options. However, I cannot. I found this company called fireplacelove and we are glad that we did. I could say more, but a picture is worth a thousand words!

I recently purchased a new, yet old, colonial home. I feel in love with this home at first sight, but the fireplace place was a set back on what would be a perfect love affair. I found the solution at “Fireplace Love” and as you can see, the romance has been saved!

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