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Step One: Enter Your Measurements

(A.) Learn how and what to measure

If you would like to skip watching our instructional video, which has been designed to provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions of how to properly measure your new custom fit fireplace cover, we have provided the following instructions below that will make measuring your fireplace a quick walk in the park as you record just the height, width and depth of your fireplace.

Useful Tips For Making Your Basic Requirements:

1. First, remember to record each dimension in the data field chart, to 1/16th of an inch, provided on this page, and keep in mind, that each measurement calls for three (3) separate measurements e.g. height calls for LEFT FRONT, MIDDLE, AND 'RIGHT FRONT' is also CALLING FOR THE SAME MEASUREMENTS.

2. And, don't be fooled by measuring the depth because it can be a little tricky. For our purposes, however, depth means anything that may protrude from the flush front of a fireplace, such as a flange (or fireplace handles). One sure way of making this determination is to take a board such as a yard stick, and run it down the front of the fireplace. If anything is protruding, the yard stick will stop the measuring device and that is the protrusion to be measured. Make the measurement from the bottom of the measuring device, to the top of the protrusion.

3. Just keep in mind that if your fireplace is not square or rectangular, please call us at 844-375-5683. One of our helpful representatives will gladly discuss the very best options to assist you in creating the perfect custom-made fireplace cover designed especially for you.

4. Finally, your measurements will also be confirmed through our "follow up" phone call that helps both you, and us, get your order right!

(B.) Insert your measurements
Click here to print out this chart, it will help you keep track of your measurements. All measurements must be plus or minus 16 of an inch. (Call 1-844-375-5683 for assistance).
Left Front Middle Right Front
Depth A - Handles B - Flange C - Other

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