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(Spring Loaded Fireplace Cover)
"I am so impressed with my custom made fireplace cover. It is not only unique in adding to the decor of my living room, I have realized a noticeable improvement in temperature, in both the summer and winter months. This is, without a doubt, one of the best purchasing decisions that I ever made!"

(Magnet Fireplace Cover)
"As you can see from my photo's, I had become desperate in doing something to put a stop to the cold draft that plagued me all winter long. However, after purchasing my fireplace cover from Fireplace Love my biggest surprise came in the summer months, when I left home and forgot to turn on my air conditioning. Prior to my fireplace cover, this would have resulted in my return being greeted by an overheated home. To my surprise, my home was cool and comfortable, upon my return. I can say unequivocally, my fireplace cover has been a win, win all the way around."

(Free Standing Fireplace Cover)
"Our home is cooler in the summer and minus the cold drafts in the winter and that is just the practical benefits. Our fireplace cover has also become a center piece to our home. Everyone that visits comments on how much they like our fireplace cover. My wife and I, have no regrets and are very happy with our custom made fireplace cover."

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