Starting At Only $195.00

Custom Made Fire Place Covers

If you feel a difference in the temperature
of the air near the fireplace... ELIMINATE IT!

  • Eliminate … the cold draft of air in the winter
  • Eliminate … the heat and humidity coming down the chimney in the summer
  • Eliminate … the constant flow of outside air from your vented gas fireplace
  • Eliminate … the smell of ashes and soot, inside of the chimney, from ordorizing your home.
  • Eliminate … the room with the fireplace from having a different temperature as the rest of the house
  • Eliminate … the ashes and soot creeping into the room from the fireplace, and making a mess
  • Eliminate … bugs and insects in the room with the fireplace
  • Eliminate … a bad looking fireplace
  • Eliminate … the children from investigating the fireplace

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the typical U.S. family spends approximately $1,300 a year on home utility bills, of which 44% goes for heating and cooling (as of March 2005). In fact, the average American household's annual utility bill expected to rise to about $2000 by 2015

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